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Please, I'll let you screw my mouth regularly for the remainder of secondary school. Regardless of whether I get a beau I'll in any case let you utilize my mouth, alright?" she begs him. 

What would you say you are discussing? I'm not allowing some other kid to have you. That is no joke." He embraces her firmly while pushing much further into her newly despoiled cunt. 

Her jaw drops in dismay as she allows her entire body to shake with his musicality. It is very excruciating for her to appreciate it however hearing him say she is his satisfies her for reasons unknown. "Alright, I'm your better half," she murmurs while shutting her eyes. "You can would anything you like to me." 

As if to test this he stands up, carrying her lower half with him so she is just being upheld by her shoulders on the floor as he screws his rooster straight down into her twat. She groans and cries more than once however in any case doesn't contend. Needing to push her much further he pulls out and rips her shorts off prior to ramming once more into her as fast as could really be expected. She pants and attempts to cover her uncovered butt sphincter as it trembles in the cold air. 

He gets the disposed of container of oil and drives her hand away so he can stick the tip into her butt. She begins to kick fiercely yet he doesn't stop. He tips the whole contain, emptying the oil into her butt sphincter. Her eyes cross as she feels the cool elusive fluid advancing up her digestive organs. She really vomits up somewhat more cum when her stomach diverts over from the sensation. 

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